Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jon Foreman releases track listing for "limbs and branches"

Mr. Jon Foreman has posted a new myspace blog and in it, he gives us his tracklisting for the upcoming "Limbs and Branches" CD!

Here is his blog:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

limbs and branches

Hola folks,
We've settled in on a list of tunes for limbs and branches- thanks to everyone who put their two cents in! I used the votes and my own thoughts on the songs to come up with the following list of tunes:

Your Love Is Strong
Behind Your Eyes
The Cure For Pain
Resurrect Me
Southbound Train
Broken From The Start new guy 1
House Of God, Forever
Instead Of A Show
A Mirror Is Harder To Hold
In My Arms
Learning How To Die
Over The River new guy 2

see you out there on the road...

I'm liking the tracklisting, but I'm kind of sad that "Love Isn't Made" didn't make the list. Otherwise, looking forward to the "new guys"!

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