Thursday, September 4, 2008

Switchfoot rocks Texas A&M Football! Plus... Music Building...

Our friend Caleb from the official Message Boards posted this photo from the Texas A&M College Football game he was at this past Saturday.


Although they didn't play the song "This Is Home" during or after the game (probably because the team lost), there was a video montage in which they played "Golden" by our very own Switchfoot! Caleb also recorded the moment:

You can faintly here it playing. But great work to the Texas A&M staffers or whoever put this all together!

Honestly, I never thought "This Is Home" would become somewhat a sports anthem! What a pleasant surprise for sure.


And, the Music Builds Tour is roaring on... here's some more daily foot entries to keep us all in the loop:

Indianapolis, Indiana

Chicago, Illinois


Also, check out what Myspace has been doing to help spread the word on the Music Builds Tour! (thanks gellie for the screencaps)

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