Thursday, March 26, 2009

Switchfoot finishing up a song called "Red Eyes"


March 26, 2009: Finishing a song called red eyes, an appropriate song title for late night recording. -tim

I think some may recognize the name of the song. well, that's probably because if you've paused the Switchfoot Podcast 6 at the right moment, you would've seen this:

...from the Oh! Gravity. song selection session. "Red Eyes" was considered for that album, but it looks like it's finally getting its chance here. I'm sure that if it was able to stay around since the Oh! Gravity. sessions, it'll be a great track.

For more about the New Album, click here!

Oh, and here you can watch Podcast 6 again, for old times' sake.


AJ said...'s gonna be so awesome...can't wait to hear it.

Job said...

I can't either... it won't be long now!