Saturday, March 7, 2009

Switchfoot twittering away...

Yupp! So thanks to the new Twitter feed, we know that Jon and Tim Foreman have been flying with the Blue Angels and that Jon is rockin' a Telecaster. Pics and feed stories below:

March 4: Oh, by the way, jon and I are about to ride in f-18 fighter jets with the blue angels. WHAT??!!

March 5: My "before" picture... not nearly as green as the "after" shot. Jon was a champ, I blacked out and puked! -tf

March 6: Back at it. Done with jets for a while, I think we're better at playing guitars. Clarity tour in town tonight! -tf


AJ said...

Schweet. I still can't wait. I just wish he'd use his firebird again. His firebird is the awesomest.

Job said...

i'm sure he'll pull it out again sometime! =D

I really want this thing to come out soonnn!

AJ said...

Haha. I know. I've been wanting to know what the album is gonna be called ever since my friend told me sf was coming out with a new album a year ago. :-/
I'm psyched.