Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Switchfoot Twitter Updates; Happy Birthday Chad Butler!


Today is Switchfoot drummer extraordinaire Chad Butler's birthday! The animal turns 35 today! Also going on today are some twitter updates from the band:

March 24:

- Oh yeah, the new video podcast is up today, at switchfoot.com and iTunes. Enjoy, and sleep well amigos. Time to rest my ears, -tim

- Sun is out, feet are sandy. I can already tell it's gonna be a pretty good day.

^plus, it was the day Chad was born, so it already IS a good day.

Happy birthday Chad Butler! Hope you have a great one. Keep rockin'!


Anonymous said...

hey man i wanted to let you know i love your site! i read it everyday. i have done so for at least a year now. keep up the amazing work! one of my fave websites!

Job said...

thanks a bunch buddy! I'm glad someone reads this stuff. =] Hopefully we can keep this site going and continue to bring great content. =)