Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Always" Remix by AN21 and Max Vangeli available on iTunes; Videos, videos, videos...

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For those who have been waiting it out, the "Always" remix by AN21 and Max Vangeli is now available on iTunes. Check it out here.

So far, it's been the No. 13 Dance track on iTunes:


Videos times. Here are some live concert videos from Switchfoot's recent gig in Atlanta:

Needle and Haystack Life

Your Love Is a Song
This Is Your Life
The Sound


And lastly, to cap off another slow news day in a slow news week, follow the Bidfire contest winner Ruddy Gracia on his epic journey with Switchfoot recording "Your Love Is a Song" for iTunes:

Charity Auction Winner from BidFire on Vimeo.

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