Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fiction Family tunes are coming; more news bits

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The members of Fiction Family have been tweeting quite a bit lately about the upcoming project they're working on. Here's your digest:

@seancwatkins (Sean Watkins):

- September 1, 2010: Starting off the Fiction Family recoding day.

- September 1, 2010: Great productive day recording with fiction family. Tracked 2 new ones of mine, and finished off two of jon's that needed touching up.

- September 2, 2010: Couple pics from today

@TylerChester (Tyler Chester):

- August 31, 2010: Time to finish up this Fiction Family recording. This record is turning out so, so good.


- September 3, 2010: got some great fiction family jams recorded this week. Now boarding... plane sweet plane

^Who's looking forward to hearing these new tunes? I'm hoping the addition, officially, of Aaron Redfield on drums and Tyler Chester on bass will beef up the sound of this side project. Also interested to see what tunes come out of this record. Thoughts?

Oh, and Tim Foreman chimed in too:

- @Jonathanforeman is playing some new @fictionfamily jams on the bus on our drive to Kentucky. They sound great, dig em.


Last week, "The Sound" was once again Stryker's No. 1 Requested Song on KROQ. GREAT WORK, footsoldiers. Keep it going by requesting the track here.


Switchfoot's tour with The Almost has gotten a lot of disappointing reactions from the fans due to the lack of tour dates, particularly on the western portion of the U.S. These new dates should calm a few nerves, though not many, I'm assuming:

10/9 - Tyler, TX – The Venue Down Under (w/ The Almost)
10/28 – Santa Cruz, CA – Catalyst Club

^Head over to for ticketing info and what-not. Let's hope for more tour dates! :)

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Alyson-Louise Belle said...

Oh my goodness. I don't know if I'll be able to wait till next spring... Do you know if "Rob Me" will be a FF song or a SF song? The first time Jon played it was with Fiction Family, but I don't know. Thanks! ^_^