Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Evening with Switchfoot and John M. Perkins RECAP

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It was an evening to honor the great man who inspired "The Sound." It was a night to unite people of every color and race. It was an evening that brought a San Diego rock band to the halls of Belhaven University, where music drove the evening and brought "truth into art," in the words of John M. Perkins himself.

An Evening With Switchfoot and John M. Perkins was an amazing event. Having missed the event itself on the stream due to prior arrangements, I have had to view this engagement through the lens of YouTube videos and stream recordings. And even through that, there is a sense of prevailing peace and unity that pervaded the night, and the idea that "love is the final fight" was impactfully preeminent throughout.

The rest of this recap will have videos and highlights from the night, but the message and invitation still stands. The sound of a generation that is willing to let go of the past and move into a bright new future is stirring up; take the call and join in, my friends. You can't drown it out. Can you here it now? "This is the sound."


What better way to begin but start with the man himself, Dr. John M. Perkins:


Part 2

For more stream recordings, head over to our friends LOBH's YouTube channel.


After the message, a fellow by the name of Big John introduces Switchfoot, who play "Stars" while Dr. Perkins rocks out in the front row.


A choir of singers joined Switchfoot on stage throughout the night and added a new beauty to their songs. Check them out in full force on the following:

Sing It Out

The Sound

Your Love Is a Song


I'll close by quoting Dr. Perkins, who said "This is a continuation. This is not no quick shot tonight and it's over with. This is a continuation of us working together to reflect the Kingdom of God in Jackson."

"Love is the movement..." "Love is the final fight..."

Thanks for reading, everyone.

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