Monday, September 27, 2010

Switchfoot interviews; New single by next summer?

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Rockerrazzi caught up with Drew Shirley and Chad Burler a month or so back before Switchfoot played at the Greek Theatre. Here is their interview:


Confront Magazine did an interview a little while back with Jon Foreman and Chad. It has very much the same type of material covered in most interviews, save for this nugget of possibility:

CONFRONT: Can we get a closer idea on when we can expect the follow up album to Hello Hurricane, Vice Verses?

JON: Well I think we got pretty much most of the songs written for a double record, that’s our goal. We’ll see whether they fit together in a collection but hopefully we’ll have a new single out by next summer, we’ll probably start recording this winter.

^There's Jon's probable plan/road map for the band in the next few months. I'm really digging the possibility of a double record, although it's not been successfully pulled off very much over the years. Let's see how Switchfoot does with this. But who's excited about the new single? I am.


Ethan Luck of Relient k and Demon Hunter fame shot some video footage of Switchfoot from last night's show at Ichthus. Check it out:


Quick update, "The Sound" has reached an all-time high of No. 8 on the Mediabase Alternative charts. This is cause for jubilation, but let's set our sights on the Top 5!

Request the single at your local alternative radio stations! Request list can be accessed here.

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Zoibie said...

Predictions for the new single? I know we only know 4 or 5 songs but I think Dark Horses would make a good first single, followed by Against the Voices.

Job said...

@Zoibie, I heard somewhere that Jon mentioned "Dark Horses" as the first single. But of course, you never know. :)

I'm liking Dark Horses then Against the Voices. We'll see.

David said...

Hey Job, I'm wondering.
Do you think any other "New" singles will be released from HH to alternative or even Christian radio still??

Or maybe they might be pushing YLIAS to Top 40 again...
what's your thoughts??

Job said...


Hey man. Nothing new coming out of the Switchfoot as far as I know. "The Sound" is still the main single, with "Your Love Is a Song" slowly rising on America's Hot AC. I have no idea what's going on right now! haha.

raven said...

The Sound is currently no.10 on Magic 89.9 (popular radio station in the Philippines) ......and no.18 on channelv(music channel)...just wanna let you all know :D