Thursday, July 28, 2011

Station Adds for "Dark Horses" (Updated July 26, 2011)

Hey folks. "Dark Horses" had a big opening week, garnering SIX station adds on alternative radio. For the uninitiated, an "add" simply means that a radio station has decided to play a single regularly on their playlist.

Needless to say, some stations couldn't wait to get a hold of the new Switchfoot single!

Here are the stations that added the song officially this week; we'll try to keep you updated each week.



Be sure to start requesting "Dark Horses" at these stations! We've got a request list here, which will be updated each week as more and more stations pick up the single.

Let's get this ball rolling, soldiers!

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Anonymous said...

The Philly Station Radio 104.5 has the song as requestable at this link