Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Dark Horses" digital single to release July 26th; more goodies to come! has the digital single for "Dark Horses" listed. The release date says July 26, but we'll wait for confirmation on that one. Management has said that the single drops on the 20th, but again, we'll wait for confirmation.

As far as the more "goodies to come" part of our title, you'll just have to wait and see. Or, if you can't wait to hear some news, head over to our partner site LOBH to whet your appetite for all things "Vice Verses."

Some huge, HUGE things coming folks. Stay tuned next week for new music and video coming out of the Switchfoot camp.


As for site news, we've got some updates coming soon. But make sure to keep checking back for all your Footsoldiers-related news, and as always, if you haven't yet, follow us on Twitter. @SFfootsoldiers


Anonymous said...

but now it says july 25 AND august 2?? How do u know its gonna be the 2????

Job said...

amazon has the wrong dates.