Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Request "Restless" on Air1 now!

It's begun.

"Vice Verses" campaigning season is upon us, as the first single has been deployed to Christian Contemporary Hit Radio.

Air1, one of the top stations on the format, began playing "Restless" yesterday. As such, that is our first target. Consider this as a warm-up to "Dark Horses," the big mainstream alternative single that releases officially to radio on Wednesday (more on that in the coming days).

For now, head over here to get some requests in for "Restless."

We've highlighted the lines you'll want to dial into.

General Info & Business: 888.YES.AIR1 (888.937.2471)

Comment Line: 888.956.1300


Remember, keep these request short and sweet, tell them you love the song and ask them to keep playing it, and hang up.

LIMIT these requests to once every other day, as we don't want to flood the station with requests. That's the best way to guarantee they do NOT play the song.

We're counting on you, Footsoldiers. Do it to it.


Happy Sunshine Girl said...

So doya want us to call both numbers??

Job said...

just call one of them. either one should work. :)

Happy Sunshine Girl said...

Ok. :)