Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Download Switchfoot - "This Is Home" (Radio Edit) Single (Hi-quality) [Legally]!

EDIT (June 20, 2008): Apparently, the file has been taken off the server. This means that they probably do not want us downloading it off of there. I will not re-post it then, in that case.

This could also mean that iTunes may soon be posting the single! Fingers crossed.

Since it is readily available on the official website (if you look hard enough), and because it looks like iTunes will not be posting it for single purchase, here is a direct download of the radio single version of "This Is Home" in 160kbps glory!

Right-click, save target as here.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT the same version that is featured in the actual Prince Caspian Soundtrack. It features a full drum kit arrangement, less strings, and a generally more upbeat sound. For those who would like the song only, this is the place. But please, please consider buying the soundtrack!

Besides that, enjoy! May it inspire you in your time of promoting the song and spreading it to the masses!


Ok. Lots of news to catch up on. "We're so sorry we've been gone..." - Panic! At the Disco

First of all, ever wonder what Jon Foreman and the rest of the guys thought of David Cook's rendition of "Dare You to Move" on American Idol? Look no further:

Hollywood Insider

Among the music notables on the green carpet at Los Angeles' Greek Theater the other night (to view the final stage showdown of Battleground Earth: Ludacris vs. Tommy Lee, a month-long campaign/reality show airing on the brand new Planet Green network) were San Diego rockers Switchfoot, whose hit "Dare You to Move" was one of the three final numbers that clinched David Cook's American Idol win. Singer Jon Foreman told EW.com he was "honored" by the performance, which the band watched live. "We had just taped Leno and were over at a buddy's house for a barbeque when it came on," he said. "It was kind of a surreal moment. It's a really tough song to sing and I think he did a great job." As for Cook's future prospects? "People get all up in arms about the concept of instant success, but who knows what he's gone through to get here or where he'll head," said Foreman. "Ultimately, I think it's about music winning, and making music fans out of kids who can discover these older songs. It's better than playing video games."

Words of wisdom right there.


Next, LOBH found a video of Tim Foreman talking about the writing process for "This Is Home"


Next, a short article about Jon's upcoming Summer EP release. It's almost here! Can you believe that our journey is almost over?

Oh, and here's a little message from Jon about the end of the seasonal EP series:

05.28.08 Jon on "Summer"

"When the long, golden shadows of sunset stretch further and further. When our skin is dry and salty and brown and red. When the wind gently blows the sand along the pacific's edge, from the dead, brown lands into the bright blues."

This is the final season for the yearly journey I've been on. Summer, (for me) is bitter sweet; a season for cowboy prophets to mingle with mariachi bands over the dry grasses with just a hint of beach boy salt.

These EP's have been an incredible ride for me and I've been overwhelmed by the folks who've decided to be a part of this. I've got a few things coming up, (vinyl, home-made merch. and such...) but for now the musical journey is coming to a close. I'm hoping to take a few friends out and spread these songs around sometime. Till then, thanks for being a part of these songs. peace, jon


Bro-Am is this Saturday! If you (like myself, due to graduation) can not make it, Land of Broken Hearts has got you covered. Go over there now and live it through their reporters! They are truly some awesome people over there!

Now, for the CHARTS (for June 3, 2008)

"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 70 with 66 spins this week
Radio Disney: 29 with 25 spins this week
Christian AC: 32 with 195 spins

It is at its peaks with Hot AC and Christian AC right now, and it looks like its going to continue to pick up in the coming days!


"This Is Home" Promotion Teams

The teams have been set. Go here to see the assignments.

There's a Youtube/Web Video team, a Radio team, and a Vh1/MTV/Radio Disney team. even if your name is not on the list, you can still help out! Sign up on the boards or comment here, and we'll add you to the list! We need all the help we can get! Footsoldiers, rise up!

Peace out!

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Jake said...

The link doesn't work anymore! Can you reupload it? I bought the soundtrack and love that version, but I would love to hear the full on drum set!