Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jon Foreman Summer EP Reviews

First of all, here's a Bro-Am recap blog by Jon Foreman on his myspace.


post bro am thoughts...

hola mis amigos!
thanks for the kind words about the summer EP! (and thanks for getting it to number ten on I tunes... crazy town!) I'll dive into that in a little while. Right now, I'm still in Bro Am-ville... digesting a full weekend. Here's a few thoughts:

To me, the Bro-Am is a day where pro surfers, pro skaters, and musicians come together to acknowledge some of the bravest heroes I can think of: homeless teens and the folks who help support them. I feel incredibly honored to stand alongside of some of these amazing kids this weekend: kids who are fighting for hope, fighting for love, fighting for shelter- fighting for the bare essentials.

Against all odds, these kids refuse to give up. They refuse to believe that their lives are meaningless. They have the strength of character to pursue their dreams in spite of their present situations. It was a privilege to join StandUp For Kids in their efforts to support these young fighters in their quest for hope and truth and love.

The Bro-Am is truly one of my favorite days of the year- a day that combines surfing, music, and friends around San Diego- all for a cause bigger than ourselves. Thanks to everyone who made this years event such an amazing experience. Let's continue to ensure that StandUp For Kids feels our support all year long.


Oh, and btw, Andy Barron posted a new daily foot for the Bro-Am with a crapload of pics. Go check it out now!


Now for some Jon Foreman Summer EP reviews.

The Album Project

As the weather begins to warm and school is letting out, the new record from Jon Foreman is released just in time to accompany the coming sweltering months of innocence.

‘Summer’, although different in style, closely resembles the first solo EP ‘Fall’, both with their hard hitting, brutally honest lyrics. Specifically “Instead Of A Show” wastes no time flat out saying too many people are focused on style rather than substance. The song is moves along, mid-tempo, with a catchy melody that really sticks in your mind.

This article has an interesting title from "Into the Hill": Why is Foremean still wasting his time with Switchfoot? (not only because of the misspelling of Jon's last name)

Into the Hill Article

This collection of songs is so near to perfect musically, lyrically and spiritually that it makes criticism difficult. Your blood pulses through “Resurrect Me”, feeling the desperation, pain and hope of self-mortification and new life. The prophetic damnation of “Instead of a Show” creates chills. (At one point, in “…Show”, Foreman even manages to evoke the strained vocals of Conor Oberst.) All this, and there is an apparent cameo of Ron Burgandy on “yazz flute” in “Baptize my Mind.”



"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 78
Radio Disney: 31
Christian CHR: 18
Billboard Hot Christian Songs: 22 (-2 from last week)
Billboard Hot Christian AC: 25 (+1 from last week)

"The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Soundtrack"

Billboard 200: 101 (-51 from last week)
Billboard Top Soundtracks: 6 (-2 from last week)
Billboard Top Digital Albums: 21 (-10 from last week)


Site News

We are pleased to introduce to you a new section where we chronicle all the news pertaining to the upcoming, brand new Switchfoot record. So far, we've got everything we've heard so far, and we will be adding anything new there. Consider it your No. 1 source for viewing all the new album news as it happens.

So without further ado, here it is!

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