Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Switchfoot Podcast and a Message from Andy Barron!

Yupp! here's what the Switchfoot photographer extraordinaire had to say (last night):

well folks, a few monumental things are happening today. one of them being that we are now at podcast number 34, which is the number of my favorite pitcher of all time, nolan ryan. go update that itunes, or for you tubers you,

also, this podcast was the first one partially edited in a plane and partially edited in the new switchfoot world headquarters. i currently am sitting in the control room right now listening to the guys work on a new track. today is day 1 of recording. webcam is on the way.

here's a shot of chad from a a few minutes ago after drumming like a madman.

new music is in the works. be excited. (oh, and i accidentally posted this in the on tour forum too. keep this one, delete that one. cheers.)


Here's the 'cast:

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