Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekend News: Switchfoot Up Two Spots on Radio Disney Countdown

Thanks to our efforts, Switchfoot's "This Is Home" continues its steady climb up the Radio Disney Top 30 Countdown ladder. This week, it moved up two spots to No. 25! Keep up the good work Footsoldiers. Radio Disney reaches a ton of listeners, so the more listeners hear Switchfoot, the better. Lets keep at it, and who knows? More Radio Disney exposure could lead to more Top 40/mainstream exposure!

Now, for the weekend charts.



"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 65 with 74 spins (-4 from yesterday) this week
Billboard Hot Christian Adult Contemporary: 25 (same as last week)
Billboard Hot Christian Songs: 19 (+1 from last week)
Air1 Radio: 1 (2 weeks)

"The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Soundtrack"

Billboard Top Soundtracks: 15 (-7 from last week)
Billboard 200: 197 (-55 from last)

"Jon Foreman - Summer"

Billboard Top Christian Albums: 23 (-17 from last week)
Billboard Top Christian & Gospel Albums: 30 (-22 from last week)

Comments: Well, it looks like Prince Caspian could be at the end of its run on the Billboard 200 (at least in the movie phase of things). It lasted a solid 6 weeks on the charts, but if Disney had really promoted "This Is Home," it could have made a longer-lasting impact on the charts. alas. We'll hope and pray that for the next two months, Disney will really begin to establish the song at radio, using their indie radio promoters or whatever it is they do to get the song airplay.

That's it for this weekend edition of the "We're Awakening!" blog. Have fun peeps! And if you have time, make sure you keep voting for Switchfoot on Radio Disney and Vh1!

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