Friday, October 1, 2010

Saving Jon Foreman's voice; Midsouth Fair (September 30)

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Switchfoot played the Midsouth Fair yesterday. Here are some videos:


The Sound

More videos here.


Here's an interesting news bit. Since the John M. Perkins benefit show, Switchfoot's been playing "Your Love Is a Song" a bit differently. Observe:

^The band is playing the song in a lower key than the original on the record. Instead of playing in A, the band is now playing in G. This is possibly a way to help relieve the strain on Jon Foreman's voice, or as a remedy for his sore throat issues. It is definitely a tough song to sing in the studio, let alone live. And it's been a long year of touring for the band, so maybe it's time to preserve Jon's voice before Fiction Family and Switchfoot start tracking in earnest for their new records.

It does sound a little less dynamic when sung in the lower key. But, what are your thoughts? Chime in!


WLBT did a news report on Switchfoot and the John M. Perkins benefit show. I love this quote from it:

"It so moved him that he said why is the world not responding to this message. He said 'I'm gonna make the world read this book, and so I'm gonna write a song we call The Sound," said Perkins.

The TV station also did a video news story on the event, interviewing Tim Foreman and Dr. Perkins as well. Here's the link.


Tying up some extra things from the benefit show, here's a video of the choir practicing "Your Love Is a Song"


And lastly, a preview news story on the band's Philly Electric Factory show this weekend.


Alyson-Louise Belle said...

Oh no! I hope Jon's voice isn't terribly sore. Although, you know me. ;p It does sound cool though!


Job said...

It does sound alright. :)

byrdbrain said...

These are really good videos, but I was at that concert and I got way better footage. (As far as audio goes anyway.) I think it's funny that I was so close to the guy who took these videos though. I was literally less about 5 feet away from him. You can actually hear me and my friends screaming in the video of The Sound.