Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"Awakening" Acoustic Rhapsody Original, plus Voting News!

I just uploaded this video on youtube yesterday. It's the "Awakening" acoustic performance on Rhapsody. I love the harmonica! But yeah, this is the song that is included as the bonus track if you buy Oh! Gravity. from Rhapsody. Not bad!
So here it is:

If you could comment it and rate it, that'd be amazing and awesome! Thanks everyone!
Now, for voting news.

FUSE: Keep voting! Click here to keep Awakening at No. 1 on Fuse TV's guilty pleasures! (even if it's not your guilty pleasure)

MTV: there's a way for us to possibly make an impact. MTV has a feedback page and an email where we can ask them to add "Awakening" to the TRL countdown. If that doesn't work, at least ask them to add the fill-in box again to the online voting.

VH1: Keep voting for "Awakening" on their Top 20 countdown, using the fill-in. Apparantly, you can submit multiple votes, so lets get this video onto VH1!

Radio Charts

Hot AC: "Awakening" increased by 1 spin, moving it up a spot to No. 60. Keep calling in to your local station. Go here to see what stations are playing it and instructions from Swithcfeed!

Top 40: Hasn't shown up yet.

Alternative: Hasn't shown up yet.

Active Rock: Hasn't shown up yet.

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