Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The VH1 Wildcard... and falling up?


Youtube: -Keep it up everyone! As of 2:46 pm (PDT) today, the video has logged over
967,260 views! We're getting closer and closer to a million views! Rate and comment and view it every single day everyone! Heres to a million by the end of June!!
- It's completely fallen out of the most linked of all time list. We've lost our honor! Aside from coming here, go to to help revive the linking and push "Awakening" back up the all-time charts.

FUSE: Keep voting! It's still at No. 1! Lets keep it there as long as possible! Click here to keep it at the Top of the GUilty pleasures chart on the No. 1 Countdown! You can vote multiple times, so keep voting!

MTV: Email in to MTV. Click here to send in your feedback and request them to add "Awakening" to TRL and their TV database. Comment on
there. That's about the only thing we can do right now.

VH1: Click here to write-in vote "Awakening" into the Top 20. If we focus our efforts, we can do it! And with the recent success of Eliot Yamin's video, which started as a wildcard vote-getter, its proven that wildcards can indeed make it into the countdown! That little tid-bit is very encouraging to me... =)

Hot AC: -3 spins, but it went up on the chart. "Awakening" is now No. 58, the highest it's been in a week or so.

Top 40: Hasn't shown up yet.

Alternative: has been released, but no one has played it yet.

Active Rock: Hasn't shown up yet.

Keep voting for the video, so we can break it into the radio!


Tyler Brown said...

Here's a question: If you have an embed YouTube video on a webpage, do the plays of that embed video count towards the number of views?

I ask this because I posted "Awakening" on my blog and was curious if this counted towards the view count.

stonewall10 said...

thanks for the comment tyler.

Yes embedding it and clicking on it does indeed count towards views. It also counts toward linkage too. So keep the embed man. Peace.