Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy 10th Anniversary!

On this date... (yesterday), a little band named Switchfoot released their first album, "The Legend of Chin"

Hola amigos, happy father's day. We're sitting here in an airport in Cincinatti, flying home for a few days, and I've just had a shocking revelation: 10 years ago to the date, our debut album "The Legend Of Chin" was released. 10 years is a long time. Wow, still letting that sink in. For those of you who've never heard our first record, we've uploaded one of our favorites from that album to our myspace to commemorate the occasion.

I'm so thankful to be in a band with my best friends, and so thankful for all of the people that have supported our music over the years, and given us a floor to sleep on. June 17, 1997 -- the release date of our first record -- came just 4 days after I graduated High School. We celebrated with a CD release concert just down the street from our house at a little theater named La Paloma. Then we headed across the street for an afterparty at the coffee shop that I worked at, 25 East E (now extinct, like many other fine independant coffee houses). One of our favorite local bands, Lamont (also now extinct), played in the corner as we enjoyed a surreal evening surrounded by friends, dreaming about our upcoming first tour -- a scrappy 2-week run of shows in Europe. Fast forward 10 years... we've shared more memories than I could ever recount. We've laughed, cried, hurled, and lived through many near-death experiences. We've driven to Canada on accident. We've slept on the streets of London. We've watched the sun set on 7 continents. We've seen the sun refuse to quit in Alaska. We've been cheered, and we've had things thrown at us. We've been welcomed by some, and misunderstood by others. We've felt the joy new life, and we've shared the sting of death and loss. Simply put, we've been through everything together. I've heard it said that faith is remembering. It's moments of reflection such as this that I'm reminded of just how small we are, that we are merely a short sentence in the midst a much bigger story still being written. And I am also reminded of God's faithfulness. Thank you Jesus, my sweet Lord. You have been so good to me. I remember, and I am humbled.
Note: Updates will resume tommorrow. I'm letting this milestone in Switchfoot history sink in... =p.


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