Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Announcing... "Awakenining Month"

By popular consent, we, the faithful viewers of the Youtube video for "Awakening" have agreed that July should be "Awakening Month." And as such, I have compiled a few goals, which hopefully we can achieve during the month of July. Any other suggestions guys?


1. Get to at least 1,500,000 views on Youtube.
2. Get "Awakening" on VH1's Top 20 Coutdown
3. Keep "Awakening" at No. 1 on Fuse TV's Guilty Pleasures Charts for the whole month...? Is that possible? I think it is!
4. Radio hit!

Ways to get there

1. View "Awakening" on Youtube at least ten times a day, preferrably via linkage (switchfoot.com/awakening, here, and on Switchfoot's Myspace, on your own myspace, facebook, xanga, etc...) make sure you rate and comment it everyday too!
2. Vote for "Awakening" on VH1's Top 20 Countdown at least ten times a day. (we can do it way more than that if we can!)
3. Vote for "Awakening" on Fuse TV's No. 1 Countdown at least ten times a day (or as often as it lets you)
4. Another thing is to View "Awakening" on Yahoo!, AOL, MTV.com, VH1.com at least once a day each. Those are other very important video sites that radio stations and record labels look at to find out "what's hot" in music.
5. Pray...? hahahaha.

We will check off our goals as they happen in the month of July. Well, those are my ideas. Any suggestions? I'll add it to the list...! Lets help Switchfoot regain that popularity that has been lost! It's only what the guys deserve!

July is "Awakening Month!"

Youtube: -Keep viewing! As of 2:31 PM (PDT) today, the video has logged over 993,469 views! Lets get it to a million by Friday! I'm sure we can do it! Make sure you Rate and comment and view it every single day!
- It's completely vanished from the All-Time most linked list. Aside from coming here, go to www.switchfoot.com/awakening to help revive the linking and push "Awakening" back up the all-time charts. Also, make sure you embed the video everywhere you can: myspace, facebook, xanga, blogger, everywhere. Clicking on it on your own site will help add to the views!

FUSE: Still holding fast at No. 1! Click here to keep "Awakening" in the top spot where it belongs! You can vote multiple times, so try to vote as much as possible!

MTV: Email in to MTV. Click here to send in your feedback and request them to add "Awakening" to TRL and their TV database. Comment on there. That's about the only thing we can do right now.

VH1: Click here to wildcard vote "Awakening" into the Top 20. If we focus our efforts, we can do it! It didn't make it this past week, but if we keep voting, it will get there! Has everyone been voting?

Hot AC: +3 spins, holding steady at No. 58 on the chart.

Top 40: Hasn't shown up yet.

Alternative: has been released, but no one has played it yet.

Active Rock: Hasn't shown up yet.



Susy said...

I'm officially not a lurker anymore.

I am 100% behind you and supporting you. I think that July will be a great month for "Awakening".

If we all unite and work hard for it, we can achieve all of our goals.

Thanks Job!

(AKA dulcemrebelde on youtube.)

Job said...

Hey Susy! Thanks a lot! I appreciate it! haha. ur everywhere. Switchfeed, the video on youtube, here... haha

Susy said...

LOL... Anything related to Switchfoot, you're sure to see my name there!

Jessica said...

I will vote as many times as possible in order to get Switchfoot on the Top 20 and to keep it on Fuse.