Thursday, June 28, 2007

Download Rock the Boat Concert Audio

To celebrate reaching one million views, here's a download of the songs that Switchfoot played at the Rock the Boat. These mp3's were ripped off the Gospel music video, and is missing a whole bunch of songs (including "Awakening")! GASP! Hahah... nerdiness aside, here's the track listing, and download link. Enjoy! (disclaimer: the audio quality is about as good as a standard "official" bootleg... so if you were looking for an album-quality live recording, sorry... hehe)

1. Stars
2. Oh! Gravity.
3. Gone
4. This Is Your Life
5. American Dream
6. Shout-Outs
7. Dare You to Move
8. Evan Almighty Song
9. Meant to Live
10. Send-Off

Click here to download the zip file.

Edit: 9:46 PM:

If you have problems with rapidshare, here it is on esnips.



Youtube: -Keep viewing everyone! As of 2:44 PM (PDT) today, the video has logged over 1,004,413 views! Again, congrats everyone on reaching 1 million+ views! Let's continue Rate and comment and view it every single day
- It's back on the Most Linked of All Time, at No. 83! Let's push it back up the charts! Aside from here, go to to help push it up the charts. Also, make sure you embed the video everywhere you can: myspace, facebook, xanga, blogger, everywhere. Clicking on it on your own site will help add to the views!

FUSE: Still holding fast at No. 1, over a month since it was first spotted at No. 1! Click here to keep "Awakening" in the top spot where it belongs! You can vote multiple times, so try to vote as much as possible!

MTV: Email in to MTV. Click here to send in your feedback and request them to add "Awakening" to TRL and their TV database. Comment on there. That's about the only thing we can do right now.

VH1: Click here to wildcard vote "Awakening" into the Top 20. If we focus our efforts, we can definitely make it! It'll be tough, because those voters on there are pretty competitive, but we can do it! LETS VOTE LIKE CRAZY! (like we did back in January for MSN artist of the month...?)



Hot AC: +8 spins, but it fell a spot on the chart, at no. 59.

Top 40: Hasn't shown up yet.

Alternative: has been released, but no one has played it yet.

Active Rock: Hasn't shown up yet.


is in two days (excluding this one!)


Susy said...

Thanks for the music!

Oh, what was the result for the MSN artist of the month?

Job said...

Harry Connick Jr. won. Stupid... i think they cheated. haha but i cant say for sure...

kitty said...

Haha yeah, artist of the month...that was crazy voting for sure!

Job said...

I remember losing sleep because of that! lol