Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One Million Views!

1 million views!!! June 27, 2007 marks the day the Youtube video reached one million views!

Yes! Cheers all! It seems like just yesterday that this video released on Youtube... when we had the mixed emotions on what to feel about this strange new concept in a Switchfoot video. But now, the effort to get this video out to the rest of the world has brought us to love this video and devote our attention to it. It has led to the creation of this blog, and I am greatful to Switchfoot for their ability to write songs that apply to each one of us, Christian or non-Christian. Now we should strap down and get this video onto VH1, MTV, and even someday International Music Feed (IMF)!

Here's to a million more! Many great things to come, we hope and pray...

Boy, what a great way to kick of "Awakening Month," which starts this Sunday, July 1st! Strap ourselves in Switchfams!

- One Million views!
- It's back on the Most Linked of All Time! After completely vanishing for awhile, we've made a comeback, at No. 83! I'd like to think that this blog had a tiny little hand in it...Anyways, go to to help keep the video on the charts! Also, make sure you embed the video everywhere you can: myspace, facebook, xanga, blogger, everywhere. Clicking on it on your own site will help add to the views!

FUSE: Still holding fast at No. 1! Click here to keep "Awakening" in the top spot where it belongs! You can vote multiple times, so try to vote as much as possible!

MTV: Email in to MTV. Click here to send in your feedback and request them to add "Awakening" to TRL and their TV database. Comment on there. That's about the only thing we can do right now.

VH1: Click here to wildcard vote "Awakening" into the Top 20. If we focus our efforts, we can definitely make it! We'll catch VH1 off guard with all the votes!

Hot AC: +5 spins, still holding steady at No. 58 on the chart.

Top 40: Hasn't shown up yet.

Alternative: has been released, but no one has played it yet.

Active Rock: Hasn't shown up yet.


is in three days! Mark your calendars!

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Susy said...

It will be a day to remember. No other Switchfoot video has reach such a high number. All thanks to faithful dedicated fans like you!

God bless you!