Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Download Jon's First Single, "The Cure For Pain"

Jon Foreman has officially released his first single from his debut solo EP, Fall. "The Cure For Pain" is available for free download on myspace's music homepage.

Click Here to get Jon's first single for free!

Confirmation from jonforeman.com:

12-10-07 Check out Jon Foreman on MYSPACE. His single “The Cure for Pain” is the featured FREE MP3 this week.
click here

So there ya have it. Jon Foreman has released his first single for free.


On the official Switchfoot message boards, jmeyer3131 has suggested a campaign to help spread the news about Jon here.

We can make use of this free Cure For Pain download while it lasts to blast emails, myspace messages, bulletins, etc. to all of our friends to give Jon exposure. So lets do it footsoldiers! Spread the word!


Singapore friends! You have a special treat coming your way!

According to this article, Switchfoot will be in town January 31, 2008 for a show! I'm so excited for yallz!


And, a trip down memory lane... I came across this rather old interview with Jon and Tim at the 02 Purpledoor festival. This was when "The Beautiful Letdown" was just about to be released. It's always good to look back...

So here 'tis. Enjoy!


Proud Mom of Teen said...

I saw part of your write-up on my "google alert" and clicked here to tell you I'm glad you're promoting the mp3.

Then I saw that you mentioned my suggestion. I'm grinning.

Thanks for making my day, and for promoting a really great band.

Job said...

no problem! haha.

i like campaigns. peace!