Monday, December 10, 2007

More Jon Foreman news bits

Hello peeps, good morning!

First off, Jon talked to antimusic about "The Cure For Pain," and described the thinking behind this great song.

The Cure For Pain: I wrote this one in Texas on a day off. I was reflecting on the passing of time. I have been playing music in Switchfoot for about ten years. During that period, I have been fighting pain or running away from it in a myriad of ways. And yet the pain is a constant. I have had some amazing moments singing gravity away but the water keeps on falling.

I began to think the suffering I see around me, I think of the pain of a grandmother dying of cancer. Of a friend killed by a train. I think of the pain of death, of failure, of rejection, the pain of a father losing his only son. And I came to the conclusion that I cannot run from pain any longer.


Also, Jon played an acoustic set in London yesterday (Sunday December 9, 2007)

Malherbe Pelser posted photos from the set


thanks Malherbe!


I hear the Live at the Ventura Theatre DVD has begun to be shipped. News on that will be coming soon! (man, I needa buy me that dvd! haha)


Thanks for all the kind words concerning my Dare You to Move post. I'm just glad it can be thrown out there. Switchfoot's songs are so good...

Peace, and have a good day friends!

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Hey man i tried to leave you a comment a few days ago and it didn't show! :(

I basically said ditto to a lot of thing in your post. That is such a great song!

I got bought my that dvd today. Can't wait for it!

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