Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Rave Reviews continue to pour in...

Our very own Jon Foreman is drawing in rave reviews from all around for his Fall EP.

Here are some of them:

*Absolutepunk (Thanks Switchfeed for the heads up)


*The Album Project

*Patrol Magazine


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Let's spread "The Cure." Sounds heroic, doesn't it?


Looks like there's another spur-of-the music stop for Jon too!

Jon Foreman w/ The Nightwatchmen
Thursday, Dec 13
Hotel Café (LA)
1623 1/2 N Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 461-2040
$10 donation to enter
Doors at 8pm (get there early, because it
sells out and reaches capacity quickly)

(again, thanks Switchfeed)

And, to wrap up this lengthy post, here's the latest email from Switchfoot. Tim, it's great to hear from ya again!

Merry December amigos,

Here's my 2007 Christmas letter, AKA the ramblings of a bass player:

1. Appetite for Construction Tour comes to a close

Well, our first tour as an independent band was quite possibly our favorite tour ever, and we are sad to see it end. Thanks to all of you who came out to say hi, this was also the biggest tour we've ever done, and it gives us great pride to feel like, together with all of you, we're creating something completely new without record labels or anyone else standing in the middle. Also, thanks to you, together we've raised over $100K for Habit For Humanity. And a large number of you even took the leap to volunteer on future Habitat builds. So great... I just feel like the community that we have together with you guys is something really special, and we're so honored to be your band. If you'd still like to get involved with Habitat, please check out their website.

2. What I did on my winter vacation...

We've been home from tour for a week now, and it's nice to be home for the holidays. The first 2 days we were home, we were greeted by what will likely be the best waves all year, so I'd say our December has begun rather nicely. Jon wasted no time at home, however, and flew to London to play an acoustic solo gig... oh yeah, and see some band from the UK called Led Zeppelin. What?? I know, amazing. Well, being an independent band has created some exciting changes, and one of those changes has been leaving the Sony message boards to launch our own separate community site. So if you haven't yet checked out the new boards, you probably should because, well, we think they rule.

3. Why our arms are numb

In other news, we all have our right arms on ice at the moment, after hand-signing 3000 Christmas cards for our annual Holiday Package, and so far we haven't lost them or had to search for them in large dumpsters like last year (although Chad did manage to spill water on a rather large stack at the very end). So I'd say we're off to a very good start, in that sense. We received the new live DVD back from the manufacturer last week, and our very own Andy Barron did a stellar job with the artwork on it. Go Andy! So the elves are busy packing orders which are now ready for shipping. If you haven't ordered your Holiday Package yet, click here... we think it's our best ever.

4. What else?

Well, that's all I can think of at the moment, hope everyone is doing well. We'll be home for the rest of the year, before visiting the Pacific Rim on January (Indonesia, Bali, New Zealand, Singapore, you know, mostly places with really good waves). Then we'll be in the studio Feb-March recording our new record (due out Fall 2008), and probably head back out for a few US dates in April. As always, check for the latest tour dates and info.

Peace out amigos, and thanks for being a part of our family,



Chris said...

hey man thanx for the code!

Job said...

no problem dude. hows everything?

Chris said...

everything is good! been busy but i out of school for the year so now i am bored and ready to help jon! :)