Friday, December 21, 2007

Year End

Hey guys, it is Chris! This is my fave time of year—the time when the year-end album and radio charts come out. Here is how Switchfoot did this chart year:

Billboard Top Christian Albums of 2007:
#13 “Oh! Gravity”

Radio And Records Top Christian CHR Artists:
#6 Switchfoot

Radio And Records Top Christian CHR Songs:
#9 Awakening

Yes 2007 was a good year for the band. Three hit singles, two hit videos, and aprox 150,000+ albums sold--not to mention a successful tour.


Job said...

do you have any numbers on like, non-christian charts?

Or did they not make any of the mainstream charts?

Chris said...

well job...we're gonna have to wait till next year for them to make the secular charts :(

Jesse said...

meh...christian charts....