Thursday, December 27, 2007

"If you’ve done it before, you can’t do it on this project."

Happy Thursday folks!

Today, we have a nice little article, from Christian radio station Air1's website. Switchfoot is the Featured Artist of the Month, and they have a nice blurb about the band. It has the standard "indie/Sony Split/Appetite For Construction" bit, but the Q&A section was a bit of an eye-opener for me. Jon said something interesting that caught my eye:

So the rule for this record is, "If you’ve done it before, you can’t do it on this project." So that’s forcing us to choose different songs to pursue, different ideas, different ways. At this point, we’re ultimately trying to challenge ourselves more than anything else.

Jon also talked about his solo Ep's, as well as the challenges he and Sean Watkins from Nickel Creek had with the Real SeanJon record. Read it!

Also, Air1 has added "Head Over Heels (In This Life)" to the playlist...finally...

Make sure you continue to request that single at your local Christian radio station.


Local News

This is probably not relevant to anyone of you, unless you live in Southern California (L.A., O.C. area). But Star 98.7, the Hot AC radio station based in Los Angeles has inexplicably begun to play "Meant to Live" quite frequently. It has played at least once everyday for the past three days. (I saw this while browsing

This occurrence was quite the surprise for me, considering that station NEVER plays Switchfoot, not even occassionally. They played "Awakening" once back in January or so, but never again, and never any of the "old" hits. This is quite exciting news, considering mainstream Southern California hasn't seen/heard Switchfoot since the "glory days" of 2004-2005. Maybe all those requests that we put in for "Awakening" back in the summer are making them check out Switchfoot after all... ^^


Personal News

I just received my late Christmas present from myself--the Live at Ventura Theatre DVD. My initial thoughts on it are:

The Good:

-The visuals are very engaging and pretty. The lighting is much more sophisticated than it was in "Live in San Diego."

-The crowd was loud and noisy, but not very excited-looking. At least you could hear them though, thats an improvement.

The Not-So-Good:
-It seems very rushed... there are several major and noticeable audio errors, and the "Behind the Scenes" feature is just under two minutes long.

-Why are "Company Car", "We Are One Tonight," and "Burn Out Bright" all in the bonus songs section? Doesn't really make sense, since its pretty much the same show...

-No "Dirty Second Hands" or "Ammunition"...

-The guys seemed a little tired.

I will probably watch it again from start to finish before the day's over...


Site News

The polls are closed, and it seems the naysayers for the auto-playing widget thingy barely won out. So, as you requested, the mini-ipod player thing on the sidebar will be removed, after today. So long, little friend.

This may very well be the last post of 2007. Unless we do a little year-in-review sorta post. Hmm... that random thought = interesting... stay tuned...

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