Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Jon Foreman blog: San Frandisco


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

san frandisco

Hello amigos!

hope february is treating you right. I'm doing pretty well, thanks. I love playing music! It's a good thing too cause I've been playin a lot of it lately.

first off, for those of y'all who live up near san fran. I'm playing a show today, wed. the 19th,

here's the -tails:

February, 20 2008 at DOLORES PARK CAFE
501 dolores @18th, San Francisco, California 94110
Cost : free

time 7:00


in other news:

spring is mastered... yeah! feels so good, I hope you fine folks dig it!

here's the set list:

1. March (a prelude for spring)

2. Love Isn't Made

3. In My Arms

4. Baptize

5. Your Love Is Strong

6. Revenge


Also, been writing with tim for the next SF. Shocking stuff... The studio should be finished soon can't wait to start this thing up!


And last but not least, it looks like the real sean jon might actually be coming out in the next few months! (it's a side project I'm doing with sean watkins of nickel creek. so fun...) Anyhow, we'll see, sean and I are squaring things up now.


that's the news!

to everyone who came out to Lou's the other day- thanks for making a childhood dream come true. Seriously, I had an amazing, mello time.




Ok, two reasons I am officially freaking out. SeanJon's coming out very soon, and frickin' LOVE ISN'T MADE is gonna be on the new Jon EP. WOW!!

Oh, and PODCAST 31!

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