Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Sure as hell..."

Our friend, Mr. Jon Foreman, posted a new blog. In it, he answers a message from a curious soul concerning the use of profanity, and what the line "sure as hell you'd be drunk" from the song "Somebody's Baby" entails.

letters to the editor

Hi everybody,

hope you're well. OK, so I try and read my inbox every now and again. Today I got a letter asking me an honest question about these tunes. I loved the honesty.

So I decided I would try something out: when I get a chance I'll post some of these things here to include other folks along the way. Thanks in advance for the patience and understanding!

here's the letter, (I made it a little less personal so that no one would be weirded out...)

----------------- Original Message -----------------
Date: Feb 21, 2008 5:14 PM

Hey, I'm Benjamin. with a band H. You and Switchfoot are a huge inspiration to us. I saw in your song "Somebody's baby girl" you wrote, "She yells if you were homeless sure as hell you'd be drunk. " I know you're a Christian and I just wanted to know your views on profanity.

God bless,
Benjamin.- H.

p. s. Not to be legalistic. I just want to know.

Hi benjamin,

thanks so much for an honest question. I respect the honesty and want to answer honestly. As a fellow believer who's attempting to follow christ, thank you so much for not picking up verbal rocks to throw at me to mark our differences! FIrst off, I'm still figuring this stuff out. I know amazing truth-seeking men and women that have filthy mouths but most of my heros choose their words carefully.

I try and keep things clean for my own conscience. (My grandma listens to this stuff, you know! and so do little kids...) And because I view these songs as a way to serve others, I take the words I choose very seriously.

In the context of the song the phrase "sure as hell" seems to make a lot of sense. I wanted to write from the perspective of someone who's been there and back. Hell is a strong word and yet I'm not afraid of using it in context.

We are all in this life together- I would love to hear some other views on this as well.

see you around,

I'm telling you. The man is brilliant!

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