Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wrapping Up the 2008 Asia Tour; Another Jon Foreman EP Review!

Hello friends, so it looks like this early Asia tour was a smashing success. From the massive Parachute festival to the precious times the Switchfoot guys had in some of the most beautiful places on God's green earth, to the insane shows at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Singapore, it looked to be one of the best times the guys have had in a long time. And, Mr. Andy Barron, podcast/daily foot/camera-dude extraordinaire (you can't ever get tired of calling him that) caught it all on tape/jpeg file/words/blog. In this post, we look at our favorite moments that some of us here in the states could only see through the lens of Mr. Barron.

First, there was Bali, Indonesia (Daily Foot):

Nice pad, guys!

Then there was Jakarta, Indonesia (Daily Foot)

Yes, it's made this blog twice!

I'd love to go riding around in that van!

Drew rocking-out indeed.

Parachute Festival in New Zealand (Daily Foot)

Ragland New Zealand, days off (Daily Foot)

That's so precious...

Did anyone else find that their had jaw dropped after all that scenery? Amazing! But there's more!

Singapore! (Daily Foot)


VJ Drew?

New song demo!

And finally, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Daily Foot)

The pseudo-surf!

Someone's HAIR is getting long. Yes, I mentioned hair...

I've heard it said that pictures can tell a thousand words, but pictures are never enough when it comes to being on tour. Check out all the daily foot entry links for each location. This has gotta be the most fun tour I've never been to. Glad they had fun. And glad we have a guy like Mr. Andy Barron to capture it all for us...


We'll wrap up this post with a nice, but also quite interesting review of Jon Foreman's ep's from San Diego City Beat.

Jon Foreman
Fall and Winter
(Credential Recordings)

Goes well with: Patrick Park, Embrace, Alexi Murdoch, low-lit coffeehouses

With advance apologies to Switchfoot fans, these solo EPs are far superior to anything the San Diego band has ever (or probably ever will) put out and a testament to Foreman’s skills as a songwriter and musician.

Wow... that is quite a big statement right there. Read the rest here. Aside from that first comment, they have some good things to say about the EP's.

Peace out!

p.s. And I hear the guys will be entering the studio very soon... but that could be just hearsay. ^^


krista said...

wowy... someones hair IS getting quite long. cant wait to see switchfoot in southern california on may 10th! my dream came true to see them... so excited!

krista said...

p.s. love the pictures... especially the one with chad, tim, and jon surfing alltogether. cool!