Friday, February 1, 2008

Kuala Lumpur Press and other Goods.

Aki from the boards found this blog post about the press conference Switchfoot had in Kuala Lumpur.

Here's quite a wonderful excerpt:

they were really hungry, they haven't taken their first meal of the day (now @ 5pm in the evening), they just arrived from a long flight down to KLIA, they touched down and came straight to the press conference... WHO ARE THEY???

SWITCHFOOT didn't want to make the members of the media wait for them, they sacrificed all of the above for YOU malaysia!!! The Grammy-nominated band has finally arrived at our world class airport and came for a press conference with the members of the media here in Petaling Jaya this late afternoon.

What a great group of guys, huh? They never cease to disappoint or amaze us.


Justin, one of our readers, posted this video of him playing "Awakening" on Frets of Fire, the computer version of guitar hero.

I thought it was pretty cool seeing it. Makes me wish it was on Guitar Hero even more!


Keep playing Switchfoot's myspace songs. Remember, you dont have to listen to the songs all the way through in order for them to count.

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