Thursday, February 14, 2008

AMAZING Switchfoot Videos by Benny Ek

Some of you may have come across this "Twenty-Four" music video a while back. It was directed by a guy named Benny Ek, and it's available for download on But I thought I'd spotlight this guy's work. It's really amazing.


Another great video. I liked the energy on this one.

Meant to Live (Live)


lostcapulet said... fav! but they didnt play it in msia last time :(

Job said...

Aw that sucks... Didn't they play it Singapore? I seriously love 24. It's helped me through so much...

Chris said...

Dove Nominations:

Male Vocalist Of the Year: Jon Foreman
Rock/Contemporary song of the year: "Awakening"
Rock/Contemporary album of the year: "Oh! Gravity"
Best Short Form Music Video: "Awakening"

Last year they got no nominations to my knowledge so this is quite a good sign.

Job said...

Yeah. Last year, they had no new stuff to be nominated. lol!

Job said...

oh, and that was gonna be the next post... hehe

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