Monday, February 11, 2008

Jon Foreman performs at Lou's in San Diego

(thanks Steve for this pic)

In celebration of the Fall & Winter ep set, Jon was invited to play at Lou's Records in his hometown San Diego this past Saturday, February 9th... just an hour away from where I live. Shoulda gone.... but several people from the Message Boards DID go and they took amazing pics and videos to boot.

Gabby took vids of just about the whole show! Here is one of my faves:

Your Love Is Strong

This and Revenge will be two of the songs on the Spring EP. (I'm a bit confused as to why Revenge would be on there... it's already a Switchfoot song).

The rest of Gabby's videos can be found here.

For in-depth, lively discussion of this show, head on over to this thread on the boards!

-Also, we hear The Real SeanJon is looking for a new name. Shocking, sad, but true. I will miss that name for sure. Maybe Puffy is finally gonna sue them. Any ideas, theories, name ideas?

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