Friday, July 25, 2008

"This Is Home" sweeping the Nation! (sports at least)

ESPN's Titletown is really helping "This Is Home" out. We're starting to see an increased number of comments and views on the video on Youtube, and a renewed outcry for a "This Is Home" single on iTunes. Along with that, there is a new wave of fan-made videos featuring "This Is Home." Here's some of the better ones I found... Possible future "Featured Video?" Perhaps...

Ohio Stadium Tribute (Home of the Ohio State Buckeyes). This one was pretty well-made. I do disdain the Buckeyes (GO USC), but props for a great song choice!

Have some of you not seen the "This Is Home" montage on TV yet? Here's your chance to see what it has looked like for the past month.

And now, for some of my favorite ones that I saw while perusing Youtube... hehe.

"This Is Home" Chipmunked. The tempo is still the same as the original, but the song has been raised a few keys and octaves. hahah! Sounds amazing, actually! And I think it sounds like Simon is singing lead vocals for this one. ^^

"This Is Home" Chipmunked: HYPER! If "This Is Home" was a pop punk song sung by chipmunks, here's what it will sound like!


Hope you enjoyed those entertaining videos. I certainly did. hehe. Today is Friday, and that is the final day to request on Radio Disney. Switchfoot was No. 20 last week, the first time in Top 20 for "This Is Home." Let's crack the Top 15 this week with a final surge! Request it now!

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