Friday, January 23, 2009

Fiction Family covers a Radiohead song!

darkmage93 recorded some videos from last night's Fiction Family show in Philadelphia.

The first one that really caught my attention is a cover of Radiohead's song, "Idioteque," which can be seen here:

Oh, and Jon Foreman's song, Resurrect Me


sailpgd said...

I don't understand why fans of Radiohead, Wilco, and bands of that nature don't appreciate Switchfoot. They cast off Switchfoot as a Christian band even though most people would end up really liking their music. It is a shame.

Job, are you still planning on writing a review of the Fiction Family album?

Job said...

I agree completely. Switchfoot is actually really talented. I hope the new album will rule their faces off. =P

but yeah, I've written one for Absolute Punk. If it gets approved, I'll post it here. If not, I'll STILL post it here. ;)