Friday, January 9, 2009

Help Promote the Fiction Family Pre-Order; Plus, new FF Article!

Well, the first official Fiction Family Street Team project is finished! Now, if you don't know what we're talking about, be sure to check it out here right now and sign up! Getting involved and helping Jon Foreman and Sean Watkins get their record off the ground is both fun and easy!

So even as the dust from the first street team project still settles, a brand new project has been announced. Here's a message from Annette, the "team leader" if you will:

Hey guys! Great job on the last project, and congratulations to the winners! Here is another chance to win some prizes. As you know, the Fiction Family album will be in stores on January 20th. That's just a few weeks away so this is the time we need you to really help promote the CD.

Please take this Fiction Family video and post it just like you would a banner. In fact, there's a banner attached to the bottom where people can click to pre-order the album. After the release date the banner will automatically change to reflect "Now In Stores" so don't worry about having to take the video down.

The fans that get the most unique impressions will win the following prizes...

1st place: $50 iTunes gift card and the Family Fiction CD
2nd and 3rd place: $25 iTunes gift card and the Family Fiction CD
(Please be sure to upload at least one screenshot of your week in order to be eligible for a prize.)

The project ends on Feb 6th so get started and keep an eye out on the Leaderboard to see where you stand! If you have any questions, just email Good luck!!

So there you have it. If you look at the top of our page, we have the video embedded already, as instructed. Want to know the code? Go sign up for the street team, or if you're already a teamer, then sign in and get going! Let's give the guys a promotional boost and put all our support behind the great music!


In other news, the Toledo Free Press did a new story on Fiction Family with some new news, including some more information about the writing of "When She's Near," as well as the origin of the name Fiction Family:

The collaboration clicked, Watkins said during a phone interview en route to San Francisco.

“Co-writing can be tricky; you never really know what kind of creative chemistry there’s going to be even if you’re good friends or play often, but he and I worked really well together,” he said. “Sometimes I’d have a melody idea and I’d e-mail it to him, and he’d write lyrics to go with it and send that back to me. There was some corresponding that happened, actually, most of the songs were written that way, kind of corresponding, and recording, actually, a lot of it happened that way, too.”

The singer-songwriters formed a duo, Fiction Family, which will release its self-titled debut Jan. 20.

“Jon came up with [the band name], and I liked it a lot because, first of all, everybody loves alliteration, but also a lot of bands that involve two guys are usually brothers, so we figured it kind of made sense since we’re not brothers,” Watkins said.

“‘When She’s Near’ is cool because it felt like a good mix of what we both do. It’s actually the melody to a song I wrote a long time ago called ‘Teaberry.’ I wrote it in ’03 or ’04, and I didn’t like the words, but I liked the melody,” Watkins said. “I brought the melody in and Jon did most of the lyrics. That song was really fun to co-write and feels like a solid collaboration.”

To read the rest of the story, go here

Thanks for reading! =)

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