Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fiction Family Release Day!

Today is the day! It's finally here! Fiction Family's debut album is ready for the world! Take some time today, amidst the craziness of the inauguration of President Barack Obama and everything else around the planet, to pick up the album (if you haven't already). Here's some purchase links. Please note that there are two versions of the album on iTunes, and they seem to be priced the same for some odd reason. Might be fixed by morning, but grab it while you can! Be sure to check back throughout the day for updates on charts and stuffs...

iTunes Basic

Features the standard 12 tracks, and nothing more.

iTunes Bonuse Version

So far, this is a real bargain. Featuring the same $9.99 price point as the basic, it features three b-side tracks (Jon Foreman's "Resurrect Me," Sean Watkins' "No Other Needs," and Fiction Family's cover of The Cure's "Friday I'm In Love"). While you're at it, you get the music video for "When She's Near" along with the whole package!


your could try Amazon or buy directily from the band at Bandfarm (and plus, you get the actual cd!)

I might be working on putting together a review of the album once I get it, so maybe look out for that? (if you care... hehe)

Fiction Family - When She's Near from ATO Records on Vimeo.


The reviews are pouring in for the Fiction Family record. Here are some of them, the good, the bad, and the ugly:

Allmusic (3/5)

The fact that Fiction Family was nearly released by Starbucks says much about the music contained herein, with its emphasis on coffeehouse guitar progressions and wistful melodies. Foreman and Watkins recorded the disc themselves, finding brief moments between tours to trade ideas and build the songs layer by layer. Fiction Family is slightly sprawling as a result, having been compiled over a number of years, but the track list takes strength in diversity as it alternates between sprightly duets and slow, Elliott Smith-styled melancholia.

Jesusfreakhideout (4.5/5)

Though it would be easy to simply say that Fiction Family sounds like what would happen with Switchfoot and Nickel Creek had a kid, the complexity runs deeper. There are touches of Bon Iver along the way, and other ambient acoustical acts. Every track on this self-titled debut is of a completely different construction than the song before it, and each has its own story to tell. From the simple acoustic ballad "Not Sure," about being unable to let go of a lover, to the catchy, fun, ready-for-radio "When She's Near," to the Bon Iver-esque "Elements Combined"... every song has its own feel. It's a welcomed change from the norm.

And the not so good...


To say that the instrumentation on their self-titled music CD is nearly flawless is also true. In fact, most elements of this recording, when examined individually, are quite good. But after listening to the CD, the one thing I remembered - was not remembering much of anything. While musically a good project, Fiction Family had no single on it that just stuck in the back of my head. In fact, try as I might, for the life of me, I couldn’t remember any of the songs I had just listened to.

(Ok, since when does music have to be catchy?!!!)

Anyways, the last one:

Christianity Today (4.5/5)

That said, there are certainly hints of Christian beliefs to be found. It'd be interesting to know how most interpret that "magic book" referenced in "Throw It Away," containing the so-called magic words, "Give your love, live your life each and every day." Later in the album, "Closer than You Think" encourages us to hold close to the vision of heaven that encourage us and compels us to press on: "You've got a vision of some far off day, beautiful and bright/A carrot out of reach, but always in your sight/There's an icon in your mind that stands for happiness someday/A picture on the wall of a kingdom far away/But oh, it's closer than you think/Oh, it's breathing in between."


Our friend Jeanna from LOBH posted some videos on Youtube of Jon Foreman and Sean Watkins playing several covers at the Fiction Family show she went to. Please give them a listen and comment! Yeahhh!

The Man in Me

Keep the Car Running

More for the Sender

^awesome stuff Jeanna, despite the little camera pics in between... ;)



Fiction Family's "When She's Near" continues to steadily climb Triple-A radio charts, and currently sits at No. 39.

These three stations are currently spinning the songs with regularity. Make sure you at least request ONE of these stations AT LEAST to play the song. Any bonus requesting, or if you request at all three stations, would be legendarily rad. Thanks for the help! Let's make this song a hit!

WFPK/Louisville, KY:
E-mail: studio@wfpk.org
Call: (502) 814-WFPK (9375).

Phone: 215-573-WXPN
Email: requests@xpn.org
Web: http://xpn.org/requests

WEHN/Long Island, NY


Jon Foreman's solo single, "Your Love Is Strong" continues to fare well on CHR radio, coming in at No. 26 this week.


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