Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fiction Family's "When She's Near" officially Added to WXPN (Philadelphia); hits No. 1 on Sirius (S018-FM)

Red Light Management emailed alerting us that "When She's Near" has been officially added to WXPN Public Radio in the Philadelphia area!

Now is the time to act, Phillie fams! Here's the phone number, email, and request link so we can start getting airtime in the area! And if you're not in Phillie, still request and call in if you can:

Ph. 215-573-WXPN



In other radio news, "When She's Near" is also the No. 1 played song on S018-FM Sirius Satellite Radio. This all in less than a week and way before impact day! Awesome!

In fact, yesterday, it was the song with the most increases in plays on the Triple-A format:

UPDATE: 2:12 PM:
"When She's Near" has hit the Top 50 on Triple-A radio, and currently sits at No. 48!


Here's some more press on Fiction Family. Word is getting out, friends! Let's help this snowball to keep rolling!

Reuters/Billboard (here's an excerpt):

Foreman describes the sound as having "a lot of Jayhawks mixed into it. There's definitely a little Beatles influence. Both Sean and I are a sucker for a good melody, and Sean's an amazing guitar man, so I think that really factored in heavily."

Also, Rolling Stone posted the music video for "When She's Near" on their website!

Fiction Family - "When She's Near"


Lastly, Relevant Magazine did a Top Albums feature, and Jon Foreman's EP's made the list! Check it out here

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