Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jimmy Eat World's Drummer Interviews Switchfoot bassist Tim Foreman

Zach Lind, the drummer from Jimmy Eat World, apparently has posted and done a few interviews with people. And one of them is Switchfoot bassist Tim Foreman. And this is pretty awesome... two members of two great bands with similar career trajectories (so far), just having a conversation about their music. Here is the vidoe below:

Interview with Tim Foreman of Switchfoot, Part 1 from Zach Lind on Vimeo.

Is that iChat?? haha


Ok, so lots of people have sounded off on the news that Mike Elizondo is producing the Switchfoot record. The fact that he's a hip-hop producer by nature has some people on edge, others think it's a stroke of genius.

Here are my thoughts, if you care to read them:

It's important to remember that Elizondo is NOT only limited to Rap and Hip-hop and da "phat beats." He's an incredibly diverse musician and producer who has worked with the likes of Fiona Apple and Eminem, Dr. Dre and Alanis Morissette, Eric Clapton and Maroon 5. That's an incredibly diverse group of musicians right there, so I don't think we need to panic about him "forcing" or influencing Switchfoot into becoming a hip hop band and topping the R&B charts.

At the same time, I think there's so much musical diversity and creativity involved in these sessions right now. The Switchfoot themselves are already incredibly eclectic musicians themselves, and Jon Foreman has gotten a lot of slower, mellow songs off his chest. Darell Thorp, the engineer who has been working with the boys is Radiohead producer Nigel Goodrich's main assistant.

We've got a bunch of creative heads in the kitchen now, and I think the result can be nothing less than amazing. That being said, I'm not going make bold, grand projections that this album will be the album of the decade or win a Grammy or anything. Oftentimes, those kinds of things happen when we least expect it, and given the not-so-amazing promotion the band has gotten for the past two singles, I'm not going to be hoping for too much. Again, like I have said before, it's very important for us fans to keep spreading the word and telling everyone about the music... if it truly is great, word WILL get out.

So no worries about Mike Elizondo. I think he's going to be very good for Switchfoot, and we won't have to worry about hearing Jon rap anytime soon. ;)



Now, moving on to some Fiction Family news:

Absolute Punk has a profile of Fiction Family on their site now

If you've got an account on there, make sure to fan them!

Here's a brief news story about Fiction Family:

Full Post

Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant and bluegrass songstress/fiddler Alison Krauss proved last year that unlikely pairings can work magic. Now we've got an equally unusual duo: Sean Watkins of bluegrass group Nickel Creek and Jon Foreman of rock band Switchfoot have joined forces for their self-titled debut album as Fiction Family. The duo, which kicked off its 21-city U.S. tour earlier this week, plays Philly's World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St., Thursday night.

And, our friend Annie Reuter from You Sing, I Write has posted a review for the new Fiction Family record:

While it takes a few listens to fully understand the depth of this disc, Fiction Family proves the versatility and staying power of both musicians in a time when not many bands are leaving their comfort zones.

Calling themselves Fiction Family (despite Foreman’s wish for the Real SeanJon) the Watkins and Foreman project formed after a few chance encounters at a local coffee shop in their San Diego hometown. After the urging from friends to collaborate over the years, they decided to give it a shot — never expecting a completed release. Taking turns singing lead vocals and alternating between multiple instruments including guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, baritone, ukulele, piano, organ, mandolin, steel guitar and 12-string guitar, the 12-song self-titled debut will be released January 20 on ATO Records.

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