Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fiction Family Sells 7000 first-week copies; featured on MTV blog reports:

Fiction Family, featuring Sean Watkins, formerly of Nickel Creek, and Jon Foreman of Switchfoot sold 7,000 copies of their self-titled ATO debut to start at No. 71.

I would say those are solid numbers, nothing extraordinary, but nothing shabby either. It was outsold by several other noteworthy releases last week, like Andrew Bird, Animal Collective, and Bon Iver. But let's keep telling our friends about it and spreading the word about it.


MTV Buzzworthy posted a blog about Fiction Family, highlighting the project and video:

Fiction Family is what happens when the soaring, epic rock of Switchfoot collides head on with the romantic, modern bluegrass of Nickel Creek. Well… sort of. Back in 2005, Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman started laying down some tracks on the side with Nickel Creek guitarist Sean Watkins. To begin with. they called themselves “The Real SeanJon,” hoping Diddy would sue and give them a huge publicity bump.

Alas, no lawsuit, but Sean and Jon have completed a full-length album called Fiction Family (go figure), out on ATO Records as of last week. The first single’s called “When She’s Near,” and it’s kinda just what you’d expect. A hooky ballad mellowed out with intricate fingerpicking, heartfelt lyrics and power-pop harmony breaks. Pristine pop sensibilities filtered simultaneously through arena rock and country sweetness. Switchfoot meets Nickel Creek. Listen up!


Some reviews/articles about Fiction Family:

Holland and Sentinel
Slant Magazine (3/5)


And, in the latest entry of the Fiction Family tour blog, (which, if you haven't checked it out, you better do so soon) Jon Foreman says something rad about the new Switchfoot album:

talked about the new record a bit with the fellas, I hope to be finished with it in two months.

YES! (New Switchfoot Album Timeline page Updated!)

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