Friday, May 8, 2009


The Huntsville times is running a story on an upcoming To Write Love On Her Arms event, and they mention Switchfoot:

The movement behind TWLOHA has seen 8,000 letters from 40 different countries with a message of hope, compassion and love. This is incredible for something that started to help just one person recover from a very dark place in her life. TWLOHA has grown because its mission to help those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide is a timeless battle. The group continues to impact lives by helping young people get the treatment and recovery necessary for working their way back to a happier, more godly life.

The message of TWLOHA hasn't grown alone. It started with a T-shirt worn by key artists with big hearts. It has grown with the help of Switchfoot, Anberlin, and the latest addition Group 1 Crew along with newcomers Remedy Drive. These musicians have championed the cry that depression is treatable.

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Twitter Update:

May 8, 2009:

- Good morning Visalia. Your downtown is cool, your air is warm, and your coffee is hot. I've got a good feeling about today.


Happy Friday everyone.

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