Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Switchfoot/Blue October Tour to be called "Crazy Making Tour"

Here's the tour teaser poster, as posted on Blue October's Myspace page. Looks like Switchfoot will be co-headlining with Blue October, with the bands Ours and Longwave opening up.

So the tour dates will be announced Thursday, May 28th. That's tomorrow. We'll keep you posted as soon as we get more information!

I think I've just gotten 10 times more excited for this tour. I don't know why, but I just am. Should be amazing, especially now that we see that Switchfoot will be at least co-headliners. Regardless of your views on Blue October's music, you can't deny this will give Switchfoot a huge promotional push as they ready their new album this September.

And it is quite conceivable that by the time this tour kicks off, we might be talking about a brand new Switchfoot single. If that's the case, imagine the kind of boost it would get from a pretty high-profile co-headlining tour like this. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Not sure where ppl are getting the "co-headlining" from. Even ticketmaster has Switchfoot as a "special guest" which usually translates into supporting band. Also "Crazy Making" is the title of Justin's (lead singer of Blue October) new book which leads me to believe that this is first and formost a BO tour. Not a knock on Switchfoot as I like their music as well. It reminds me of when Blue went on tour with Yellowcard and Shiny Toy Guns two years ago. STG played from 6:30-7:00. YC played from 7:30-8:30 and Blue played from 9-11. I'm guessing it is going to be a very similar situation.

Job said...

IC. Where are you seeing these ticketmaster dates? I'm curious, because I checked and there are only two dates on it?

Also, the only reason we are getting the co-headlining idea is that quite frankly, the official poster suggests that Switchfoot will be held in higher regard (at the very least) over the other bands. But even with co-headlining tours, there IS a band that is the bigger of the two, and this time around, it is primarily Blue October. Totally fine. Thanks for the comment. =)

Anonymous said...

Not trying to argue w/u or anything. Just when I think of co-headlining, I think of tours like Aerosmith/Kiss did a couple years ago where they would alternate who played last. I don't think thats going to be the situation here. I could be wrong. You are right, however, there are only two dates up so far. Aug. 15th and 16th for Dallas. I actually think it will be good for both bands as long as the fan from one band will watch the other. They could both gain a lot of fans

Anonymous said...

Another date. Aug. 22nd. Mrytle Beach

Job said...

@anonymous, agreed. I don't see any of that happening on this tour. I'm pretty sure Blue October is going last every show. Hopefully enough Switchfoot fans and Blue October fans will show up with open minds. This tour could be HUGE for both parties.

And we have full tour dates! =)

jbear11 said...

They're going to be so amazing together. I could never have imagined up a combination like this. I had forgotten about Blue October and then I saw they're new video on for "Say It" and remembered how amazing they are. Any one else going to see them in San Jose?!