Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Non-Switchfoot related post...

Hey guys. I know I'm a jerk and an a**hole, but sometimes, a**holes have feelings too.

Really though, savvy, it doesn't hurt that I'm less popular than LOBH. I think the site is one of the greatest fansites ever assembled, on any band or topic. Period. A lot of my inspiration for blogging started with Jeanna's site, and similarly with Phil's site

Now, am I so wrong in writing blogs about Switchfoot? Because basically, that's all my goal is. I'm not trying to steal publicity from LOBH. Shoot, why would I even try crossing blades with Jeanna? She's a great girl, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. All I want to do is blog and write about, and help spread the word about one of the greatest bands on the planet. A band who has changed my life for the better. A band that has saved my life on several occasions. I'm just trying to give back to them, what they've given to me.

So yes, savvy, I'm hurting. I'm not hurting because I run some crappy, sorry excuse for a Switchfoot fansite that is a primitive imitation of greater websites out there. I'm not hurting because I'm losing some perceived popularity contest. I'm hurt because I'm apparently a terrible person. I will gladly take everything I've written on these blogs down. But first, just do one thing. Answer this question:

"What makes Job a jerk? What exactly does bad attitude mean?"

I'd love to dialogue with you, because I'm trying every day to be a better person. It's great, classy people like you, savvy, who help me to strive to become a better person. So hey, help me out here. Thanks so much.


Ausw6foot said...

You're aboslutely not losing a popularity competition. Your site is just as good as LOBH. You and Jeanna both trade info. I always see your name on her site and hers on your site. That is absolutely ricdulous anyone would say that to you. I love your site!

Anonymous said...

We all know who the jerk is in this scenario, and it's not you. You are entitled to share your opinions about SF and anything else. If someone doesn't like it, they are entitled to comment on it, but name-calling is neither constructive or mature. And if that person really does not like what you write, they are entitled to stop reading it.

Anyway, I just want to say, I think you do a great job with your site. I read both yours and LOBH. I think they compliment one another very well. I hope others appreciate the time and effort you put into doing such a service for SF fans.

sailpgd said...


I check your blog just as frequently as I check LOBH. I enjoy reading your insights into the commercial moves that Switchfoot makes. You provide analysis that LOBH does not. Don't let this sorry excuse for a person bring you down. Keep up the good work.

Brittany said...

I just wanted to say though I rarely have time to read your site....busy with school and such, it's nice that it's there. I enjoy the time reading it when I get the chance. Please don't take it down. Don't let someone who was probably having a crappy day and not knowing who to take it out on ruin what you've worked hard on. It's so uncool to kill someone's dream.
I understand killing someone's dream if it's singing and they can't carry a tune in a bucket, but this site is nothing like that. It's brilliant singing, no bucket needed.
Keep on keeping on Job, ignore the jerk.

placeofgrace said...

Keep doing what you're doing, Job. Many people enjoy it. The LOBH site and this site complement each other, with different insights from each. I am sure the Switchfoot guys are happy with your efforts. The beauty of the internet is that no one is forced to visit your site if they don't like it. I'm learning every day that you can't please everyone. Don't bother trying. Please God, serve others, and live up to the standards He's set for you. Be you dude!

Cassie said...

Job, I LOVE your website. This Savvy person doesn't deserve all this attention. Just ignore the jerk. ;)

Stay classy,

Luthien said...

In the words of Zachary Parker of the webcomic 'Flatwood' in response to the comment, "yr comic sawks":

"Check back for the next update, it's gonna rawk yr sawks off!"

Rawk doubters' sawks off, Job. :D I know you can.

Job said...

@Ausw6foot, thanks! I'm glad you think that way. I do really try to be a good site. There's no way We're Awakening is close to LOBH, but I'm so glad we can even partner with them.

@Anonymous, thanks for reading this site. Again, to be considered even partners with LOBH is a huge honor. And hey, the greatest thing I like to see is when ALL of us Switchfoot fans get together and dialogue about, and promote Switchfoot. That's what my ultimate goal is. To see all of us band together and help support this great band.

@sailpgd, thanks! I just hope our readers can read both sides, and get unique experiences from both sides. It's like, a brother/sister site type of scenario. At least that's what I would hope. :)

@Brittany, I LOVE the analogy. It's legendary. I will quote that for sure! :)

@placeofgrace, thanks for the reminder. We're all doing this whole "life" thing for an audience of One. ~points upwards~

@Cassie, well, I'm not gonna ignore him, but I hope I can talk to him sometime. Maybe I can learn something about myself I don't really know. :)

@Luthien, what if they don't have any sawks?!? hehe. Just kidding. Hopefully the next update I just posted (which is pretty freakin' long... haha) will at least be readable. :)

@EVERYONE: whoo. hehe. sorry that was long...

Grace said...

i feel so sorry for you
if i was that rude person i wouldnt even like switchfoot!!!

Doug said...

who has the best thoughts wins.... At times negative thoughts will fly ova ur head like birds.. Jus dont let em build a nest there!by RevRunWisdom on my twitter.

Job just turn the page brother your doing more good than you credit yourself on.

Switchfootprincess said...

The only thing that would make you an ***hole is if you believed what that person told you!!!!!!
Who cares about hierarchy or who is better or not better?!!! That means nothing in the kingdom of God, it means nothing in the eyes of true genuine people. We all do our best to contribute to this world and every thing counts no matter how small it may be. Your blog is amazing. I admit I havent really read it because I havent heard about it until a few weeks ago, but Job, please. come on. You contribute so much to the community. You offer of yourself and your time to document great stuff about this band. It's crazy for you even to begin to believe that. I'm seriously going to slap you if you do, understand?!!! seriosuly, it pisses me off that people would do that to you! Try to inflict guilt on you, make you feel lesser than what you are. Listen, those are bullies who hate themselves and have nothing else to do but bring other people down to make themselves feel better.
Damn, savvy! grow up! gosh!

Sorry, injustice pisses me off.
We love you, job. Even though I dont know that much, I love with the love of Christ. Stay strong. continue doing what you're doing. And kick ass to the devil! keep it up!

Pip :)
You'll always have my support.

Jeanna said...

AH! I love the idea of LOBH and We're Awakening being a brother/sister.
I call the older sister role

goodnightpunk said...

don't let comments like this get you down. Even though I don't frequent Were Awakening as much as I do LOBH, I still think that you do an amazing job! Your hard work on this fansite is definetly something to be proud of!

Lena said...

I just want to say Im REALLY impressed with how you handled that whole thing. You definitely took the high road in staying classy and polite in expressing your feelings, making it very clear that you're not a jerk or anything like it. You do a great job at what you do, and you're obviously a good guy on top of it all. Props to you Job

IsaĆ­ said...

i dont come one here that much. but i really do appreciate your blogs they're great! keep up the good work man and thanks for what you do!

Job said...

@Grace, well, that's the great thing about Switchfoot. They attract all kinds of people! That's why I love the band.

@Doug, thanks again man. :)

@pip, that was awesome!. But yeah, it's all good. forgive and forget I suppose. ;)

@Jeanna, awww.... =( hehe just kiddin'. That would be awesome, and that's kinda how I view it anyways.

@goodnightpunk, thanks. I try to put my best into it, but I don't think I work nearly as hard on it as Jeanna. :)

@Lena, aww shucks... thanks a bunch! =]

@Isai, naw, thank YOU. :)

amylynnequist said...

sounds like someone's jealous.

Job, you're a great guy and this is ridiculous someone would defile you like that.

Mellie said...

To Savvy - I'm sorry but I disagree with your opinion.

I'm glad that there are just so many sites that are dedicated to Switchfoot. Job - you do a fantastic job and shouldn't doubt yourself any less because of this one silly minded person. Getting my email updates from "We're Awakening" has become part of my routine, and I've always found WA as another great source for all things SFooty. There's no worse or better - it's just all SF heheh.

Keep up the good work Job! I look forward to the next email update I get in my inbox :D

Missie said...

Job, you handled the situation very well. Quite frankly I've never even heard of your site but now I'm intruiged! I'm deffinately visiting more! Listen, Savvy was just trying to get attention and she got it. Not necesarily in the way she wanted but she got it. I know it must have taken alot of effort to think about the right words to say and I credit you for that! Every one of us has that problem. Remember, God loves you for who you are. Not what you look like in other people's eyes. So don't pay any attention to Savvy. Just let it slide off your back and forgive her. I know it's hard but with God all things are possible. Thanks for making this site!!!!
A new Fan Missie

Melissa said...

Job, you are NOT a jerk! Savvy got the attention and she is probably regretting what she said because it's making her look like an idiot. Switchfoot is an amazing band and you are doing a great job letting people know that. Don't let Savvy's words bug you. She meant to hurt you and she's finding great satisfaction knowing that. But then look at all these people who are backing you up! Remember, when Savvy pointed 1 finger at you, she had 4 pointing right back at her. I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but Savvy needs to know how we all feel about this. Quite frankly I think Switchfoot would feel just as hurt as you if they knew about this. (Which I'm sure they do.) But the most important thing to do is forgive and forget. That's what God wants us to do. Thanks again for everything!

AJ said...

Job...I love this site. When I found it I was so psyched, cuz I really wanted to find something where I could easily keep tabs on all the SF news. I really enjoy this don't stop posting just cuz some b**** decides you're not as popular as LOBH. Really...You're doing an awesome job, and some stupid totally high maintenance losers need to suck it up that some people aren't perfect. You're doing a great job...keep it up. Thanks. =)

Savvy...sorry, if anyone is the a**hole, it's you... Seriously. Why go making fun of people and rubbing it in their faces that they're not as perfect as God, hmmm? I hope you learn that it doesn't pay to be an a**hole like you're being, and like Job was "supposedly" being by keeping people like me informed about our favorite band...suck up your freaking pride...

Anyways, yeah, this site is awesome, so don't stop posting.