Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Switchfoot to master "Hello Hurricane" this week; "Eastern Hymns" album art

Switchfoot has updated their Twitter, announcing some exciting news:

May 19, 2009:

- Just got back from morning surf: flat but always worth paddling out. Lots of dolphins. Done mixing the new album, mastering it this week.

^Perhaps once the mastering is done (likely by the end of the week), we might be hearing a single very soon, like next week or the week after. I keep broadcasting my predictions, and keep getting proven wrong but I don't know... I just like making predictions. :)


Next, Timmay from the boards discovered that on the Paste Magazine donation/download box, the song "We Are Bound" features album art for the "Eastern Hymns for Western Shores" EP that it comes from! Here it is, blown up, courtesy of the great LOBH:

In my humble opinion, it's a great, trippy album cover. Rather simple, but we're talking about a pixelated, low-res photo after all. I will reserve true judgment for when we see a higher quality cover.

But who is digging the new Switchfoot font? I mean, I hope they stick with the original font that they've been using, but this is a nice change.

Discuss! What do you all think?


And lastly, we are pleased to bring back our "Featured Video" section, with an old video of Switchfoot's performance on Extra Lounge way back in 2003. They played "Meant to Live" and you can see the performance right here:


Freakout Matrix said...

Interesting about the EP cover. Very different. I hadn't heard the song preview before, either.

Job said...

@Freakout Matrix, didja check out the song? =)