Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jon Foreman and fan duet at Visalia After-show; Darfur blog no. 2

Here it is. She did a good job! :)


And Jon Foreman also upated his blog about the Darfur fast:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Darfur Fast blog #2, may 11, There's something broken with the system
As a musician, I have a natural aversion to politicians. In fact, I believe in democracy simply because I distrust all politicians equally.

And yet, I have a tremendous amount of faith and belief in humanity. When it comes to folks outside of the power schemes I might even trust people too much. I am ruthlessly idealistic, hopelessly optimistic. I believe the best in people. That's why I have to do something, because I feel that if people knew the truth, they would feel the same as I do. They would feel that something has to be done. They would care and things would change.

President Barack Obama last week requested a $1.5 billion emergency appropriation to deal with a flu outbreak that has killed 3 people in the US. I believe this action was in response to a nation experiencing "what could potentially be the biggest national emergency since Y2K" (genius comparison courtesy of glenn phillips.)

An estimated 300,000 folks have already died in Darfur and we do nothing... $0.00. And three people die of the flu and we spend $1.5 billion to figure things out. $1,500,000,000.00

I understand the need for precautionary measures but this feels like reactionary spending when I am reminded of the 2,500,000 people whose lives hang in the balance in displacement camps? What can be done for them? don't tell me nothing.

Obama: "We can't ignore the genocide in Darfur... We have to do everything in our power to make it stop. We have to act. Now."

Nothing? Years and years go by... and still... nothing...

Our national inaction sends the simple message that a whole crowd of Sudanese souls are not worth as much as an American with the flu. "Surely this is not true!" we protest. And yet our actions speak louder than our words.

There's something broken with the system.

We the people of the united states of america... We are the system. We are the media. We are the government. We are the twittering public. We the people of the united states of america... we own this place. We decide who is president. We pick the next american idol. Obama our leader, is in many ways a follower of his people. In a state where the vote of the populous determines the next face of the government, a politician must listen to his/her constituents to remain in power. I believe nothing was done for Darfur because Obama doesn't think the public cares about Darfur.

Perhaps we can blame the media- perhaps the public doesn't care because they are uninformed, or at least under-informed? Yes, but in many ways "the news" is simply a vendor trying to sell a product, we tell them (with our viewing, purchasing power) what product sells. Britney, Brangelina, or Bosnia. we choose the news.

And now for the staggering fact: you and I are the problem and the solution.

What a powerful statement at the end of this blog. Reminds me of a certain Switchfoot song...


Make sure you listen to the new Switchfoot song, "Hello Hurricane"

Andy Barron also says he's working on the artwork for the album:

thanks for the kind words.
i'm actually working on it right now.
glad you guys like the clip of HH.
just wait until you hear the rest of the record.
its ridiculous.

get pamped (pumped+amped).


We are so very pamped Andy! Have a great day friends!

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