Monday, May 4, 2009

Download the new "This Is Home" Remix!; Day 1 of Switchfoot Desert Photo Shoot

As reported two days ago, "This Is Home" was remixed by Storm Von Vuitton. We now have the mp3 of the song, and you can download it here! Enjoy! :)


Switchfoot was up early today, (around 4 am!) for day 1 of their photo shoot in the desert, and they updated us via Twitter:

May 4, 2009

(Early morning)

- Early bird catches the desert sunrise. Additionally, early bird is also tired.

-it's 9:50 and we've already been to 3 locations and filled up 2 cards worth of photos. food time. luv, @andybarron

(Early afternoon)

- Desert scape. Breath it in.

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(Late afternoon... oh, and we have discovered the "Desert" = Niland, California)

- Wow, salvation mountain. Unbelievable.

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- Another photo. This place is really beyond words.

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- It's beautiful out here. Shot photos most of the day, temperatures reached 100, yikes. Took a break from photos to visit salvation mountain.

- Ended the day at Salton Sea, such an amazing place. Full day, wiped, ready for sleep. More fun in the desert maƱana, then back home. Gnite!

^I don't know, but there's something about the desert that feels really expansive and widespread. I think of pale sunlight early in the morning rising across the horizon which stretches out as far as the eye can see. The rays of light gently shooting in all directions... There would be nothing for miles and miles... it's hard to put mental picture to words. But I hope you sort of get what I mean. I'm sure the Switchfoot boys realize the beauty that can come with the desert. That's obviously why they're at the desert right now, shooting photos for "Hello Hurricane."

But 3 locations and 2 memory cards?! Holy epic!

Salvation Mountain. So. Amazing.


Here's a few news articles about Switchfoot.

First, talks about the upcoming release of "Hello Hurricane."


The Daily Aztec lists their Top 8 San Diego bands, and Switchfoot came it at no. 4. Here's what they said about the band:

Alternative rock band Switchfoot has been around since singer Jon Foreman, his brother bassist Tim Foreman and drummer Chad Butler all met as surfers on the beaches of San Diego. Although they had product endorsements to surf in competitions, the trio decided to let that all go to form a band, appropriately naming it Switchfoot after a surfing term.
After just 20 gigs, the band was signed to Rethink Records and released three albums: “The Legend of Chin,” “New Way to Be Human” and “Learning to Breathe.” Shortly after “Breathe” was released, the band invited guitarist Jerome Fontamillas to join.
After receiving much deserved hype from its large role in the motion picture “A Walk to Remember,” the band signed to Columbia Records and released its fourth album, “The Beautiful Letdown,” which went double platinum. Currently, Switchfoot has just finished recording its seventh album, which is said to be released July 2009. For more information, visit


FootColumn No. 3 - watch for it sometime later today. Not saying when, but watch out for it. ;) It's part two of my series analyzing Switchfoot's singles history. Be sure to read up on past columns if you've missed anything. =)


Jess=) said...

Thanks for making an audio of the remix!!! =) the updates were fantastic! gracias! =D

Job said...

@Jess, thanks for reading! =)

Can you believe how awesome that photo shoot is looking?!

Jason89 said...

dude thx for making an mp3 out of that remix it's insane :P

Job said...

@Jason89, no problemo. =)

I still can't get over the crazy amazingness of the track!

Jason89 said...

same here! i keep listening to it over and over, i can't believe anyone could have the idea to remix this song but soooo glad she did! :D