Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jon Foreman, Bon Iver, and John Lennon are Miley favorites?; iTunes Download podcast available; KFMA Day Videos

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Check out Jon Foreman's latest tweet:

- What do John Lennon, Bon Iver and myself have in common? Miley Cyrus. http://bit.ly/bCo0KV (watch at 9:45)

Now, before I checked out the video, I must admit that I was ready to cringe... AND I did. More after the jump:

John Lennon's cool... but BOB Iver? It's Bon* Iver, Miley.

But nonetheless, it's cool to hear Jon Foreman mentioned, even it's Miley Cyrus saying it.


In other news, the iTunes Download podcast featuring Switchfoot's Jon Foreman and Chad Butler is finally available! Subscribe here and it'll automatically download in your iTunes.

I wonder if some of their selections were influenced by iTunes staff... some very poppy tunes. Just a thought.


Finally, some videos from KFMA day have surfaced on Youtube. Check em out:

"Mess of Me" (blurry video, but decent audio)

"Sabotage" (Beastie Boys)

"Meant to Live" (blurry video, but decent audio)

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Matthew said...

This blog is AWESOME! Thanks again for the awesome updates! your my main source of switchfeed. :)