Wednesday, April 7, 2010

See "Meant to Live" played on Rock Band

Been wondering what the newly added Switchfoot track "Meant to Live" looks like on Rock Band? Wonder no further:

^I found the animations hilarious.


Our friends at LOBH report that "Mess of Me" has hit No. 1 on Argentina's Rock and Pop chart. Cool beans!


Here's a relatively old interview with Andy Barron, from back in October that I've managed to miss! He offers a lot of insight, and if you're wondering what camera Switchfoot has been using lately for their SwitchfootTV footage, it's all revealed here.

"switchfoot also recently got a new 5dmarkII so when i’ve been out shooting video for them lately, it’s been with that. the new music video for switchfoot’s single ‘mess of me’ is actually a lot of footage i shot on that thing... it’s kind of stupid how good the footage from those things looks."

Read the rest here.

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