Saturday, April 24, 2010

Switchfoot plays "amazing" show in Sydney, that inspires "unity" Down Under

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Huge props to our Sydney friends for getting stuff in! From all accounts, Switchfoot played a show for the ages. Most of today's update will be dedicated to summaries and blogged thoughts about this show, and the rest of the Australia tour. Aussie friends (or mates, as you all like to say), you have given the band reason to come back. Way to go, guys and gals!

So first off, here's a video from the Sydney show, courtesy of our great friend David!

And then, here's is review:

First of all let me start off by saying that Switchfoot put on an amazing show as only they can do. Here are a couple of the highlights that I can remember:
• They invited a guy from the crowd (probably in his late teens) to play guitar for a bit of "Stars" while Jon just sang instead.
• Jon did the drum thingy at the end of Free (if you know what im talking about). He was hitting that big drum really good, there was an enormous cheer when he had finished.
• Jon also dedicated 'Always' to a girl that he mentioned he had met before this show.  She had flown all the way from Colombia to see Switchfoot. Pretty amazing!

So yes the entire show was spectacular and unforgettable.

In this email I've attached some pictures, the Youtube link to footage I took from the concert and....
the is the set list as i can remember, this order should be accurate but they def. played these songs:

Needle and Haystack Life
Mess of Me
Your Love Is A Song
The Sound
Hello Hurricane
Bullet Soul
Sing It Out
Red Eyes

Oh! Gravity
On Fire
Meant To Live
This Is Your Life
Sabotage   <----(Jon said its the first time they played this in Australia)
Dare You To Move

Here are the pictures he sent!


Our friend Dot took some great pictures from the show! Here are just a few:

Check out the rest of her set here.


Here are a TON of other videos from the show.

Needle and Haystack Life

Mess of Me

Enough to Let Me Go



On Fire

Meant to Live

^Hope you enjoy that!


A blogger recounted her experiences during the show. Here's a small portion:

I think the most amazing part of the whole night was the unity with the crowd. Singing in time with over a thousand other people, all stuck in that moment, all feeling the words. Especially the parts where the band went quiet and we were the song, it was so powerful. I can't even put it into words. The band even seemed sort of in awe when those moments happened, they kept smiling at each other like 'wow, look at these kids'. Jon even talked about how this show felt like when he was a kid, and how it felt like everyone in the crowd was 'in it together', and it felt like family.

Read the rest here.


This update would be amiss if we didn't include footage from the other Australian shows. Here's one from Brisbane:


And lastly, here's another press release celebrating Switchfoot's Dove Award win for "Mess of Me." We've reproduced it here.

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